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  • Basic Search
    The search box on our homepage is the basic search. Using it is very easy, simply enter the words you want to search for and click the <Search> button. All entries containing the words you entered will come up. For a more advanced search, try boolean expressions or the power search.
  • Power Search
    The power search can yield more specific results than the basic search. On the power search page first select what kind of search you want to do, a phrase search or one using constraints.
    • Phrase
      All you need to do is type the phrase that you want to search for.
    • Constraints
      Type each word in a different text box then select in the menu whether or not this term must be in the entry or may not be in the entry. You don't have to use every box, just as many as you need.
    To your right are three more options, the first asks you if you want your search case sensitive or not case sensitive. If you check this box, only entries containing the same case words you entered will be shown. A search for "CaSe", for example, will not return an entry containing "cAsE". The next option asks if you want your results to be "Family Safe" using the questionable content filter. If checked, entries containing questionable words or phrases will not be returned. The next option turns on and off the "Five Star Sites" filter. All entries can be rated by our visitors (including you), the highest rating possible is a five stars rate. If you check this box, only five star sites will be shown in the results.Once you've made your selections, click the <Start Search> button.
  • Boolean Expressions
    Boolean expressions can be used on either search but are geared to the basic search because the power search can do nearly everything they can. To ensure a word will appear in the entry, type a "+" directly in front of it. To make sure it doesn't, type a "-". To tell the search engine that one of two words can appear or not appear put a "|" between them. For example, "+black -bird +cat|dog" will return entries that contain the word "black", do not contain "bird", and have either "cat" or "dog" in them. To search for an exact phrase, surround it with "()".

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